This Woman Went Into Work With No Makeup, The Unbelievable Happened


”This was a huge thing for me. I have a lot of acne scars, open pores and I’m not a fan of my face. My daily routine involves foundation, lots of concealer and contouring. Today I skipped all of that, and just did some mascara and liner and my eyebrows.

I was worried I was going in looking messy and unprofessional, and I was bracing for comments of me looking tired or sleepy or just ‘different’ (aka ugly).”

”And…nothing. No one batted an eyelash. It feels so liberating.”

-Roseanddust, Twoxchromosomes

This story is so invigorating to hear, every woman should have this mindset. You are More than Just your Physical appearance.… You are not fat or bones or whatever else you may call yourself. You are a human being with emotion, not some object created to please and appeal to others.

Live for yourself not someone else.

100% feel awesome. And how do you feel?
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