Why The Hijab Is The Most Powerful Symbol For Female Empowerment


Wearing a hijab can be empowering in many ways, in fact it’s probably the strongest feminist symbol currently in society.

Almost every person desires to look good and waste many precious hours on appearance, these hours could’ve been spent helping  people in need, improving your true self.

When you wear a hijab, you are automatically cutting out that desire that requires you to be perfect to others penetrating judgemental stares. With a hijab, you are not only covering your head, with the hijab you hide the empty shell you show to society and reveal your true self, your personality, just like removing the layers of an onion.

You are also dressing modestly, dressing modestly and confident with the clothing you wear on your head is not just a piece of cloth anymore, you are now being the ambassador of your faith.


Since by wearing hijab you are automatically cutting back on that desire to look good, you are now focusing on other aspects of your life, such as your personality, education and your goals.

So it’s empowering in the sense that it is allowing you to move beyond on being obsessed with your looks or what people think of you, and focus on many other long-term aspects of your life. Things that actually matter more than just looks.

I am not saying you should look ugly, you should always dress well, but with hijab, there comes the responsibility to be less ornamented or show off to other people.

Like mentioned above, almost every person desires to look good, and when you start cutting back on desires, and you accomplish that. You become more motivated to cut back on other desires. It’s like a chain reaction. This is also very empowering because you learn to control yourself and to control your impulses and think rationally, and not let your heart control you.

Just think about it, there must have been moments, where you controlled yourself from desires that you knew were harmful and with the ability to control yourself you can achieve anything you desire. So controlling yourself, isn’t that empowering? The ability to not cave in to peer pressure or hate, you just let it drip you off like nothing and continue your day unfazed by others opinions.

So with looks out of the way, what’s there to love left? It is her personality, her intelligence, her inner core, not the outer, her true self not a facade made to please others and standards. Isn’t that empowering? To not value a woman by her face, but by her true self.

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    This atricle MIGHT hold some water if men were also required to wear a similar headress and for similar reasons. The wearing of the hijab is a rule written by men to suppress and oppress women.

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    I personal know woman that would be disgusted by this article. The right to choose not to cover is suppressed and the right to choose to cover is promoted. Are these guys pro womans rights or not

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    Só um idiota completo pode acreditar que feministas defendam qualquer coisa que possa vir do islã! Esse site, de feminista não tem absolutamente nada!! Qualquer idiota sabe que o islã abomina as mulheres e as oprimem de todas as formas mais nojentas possíveis. Mulheres feministas de verdade sempre combaterão tudo que vier do islã!!!!!!!

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    This is one of the most ridiculous articles I’ve ever read in my life. This is why the feminist movement has no credibility. Leftism, feminism, islam are cancer.

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      Isso está sendo feito para jogar pessoas contra o movimento feminista. Essa página aqui, de feminista não tem nada!!! Pena que muita gente se deixa convencer por esses isiotas que querem atacar este movimento tão importante para as mulheres!!

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    This polemic continues the anti-egalitarian normalization of genders by advocating that “wombyn,” (who don’t actually exist as all gender is on a spectrum) separate themselves from others by wearing special clothing. In order to usher in a completely egalitarian society, gender must be eliminated completely. This means that there can be no womyn, no men, no any gender at all. The hijab isn’t liberation. It is perpetuating gender sterotypes. A new kind of dress is needed. Something that all sexes and all (50+) genders can wear. Something that flattens the artificial, socially constructed hierarchies. The hijab isn’t the answer.

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    Yes, these women in the photographs don’t look like they put any effort into their appearance at all. Do you realize how stupid this article is?

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    Time to stop pretending Islam is this great, feminist, peaceful religion.
    Not a rightwinger, not a Christian, just a liberal who is fed up with the stupidity and hypocrisy of the left.
    (actually any hypocrisy)

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    As long as women are unequal in society, every choice we make is still within the framework of patriarchy. And it’s not really a choice when the patriarchy/hegemony prefers one way of a woman dressing over another. And the whole “covering women up” is just laden with patriarchal notions of the Madonna versus the whore. If a woman wants to wear hijab, fine. If she thinks god likes her better for it. Fine… I guess. But I cringe at the argument that this is such an awesome exercise in rejecting sexualization. Why does a woman have to cover her body? And how is buying into good women being covered women desexualizing women’s bodies? As far as I’m concerned, I don’t care what a Muslim woman wears. But I reject this reasoning. A covered body is not a desexualized body. A covered body is a covered sexualized body. That’s why it’s covered.

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    Strangely I feel that the only people who should have opinions on wearing a hijab are women who wear hijabs

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      Muslim conservative men & men constantly tell women to cover up. Your silence on that pressure to comply with patriarchal religious standards is consent.

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    If you think the hijab is a symbol of “women empowerment”, you are not well educated about Islam.

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    To be honest I have mixed feelings about this article but have to be honest and say it’s well written and you make some good points. Credit to you for the time put into this and any chance of more articles on this subject in the near future?

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    “Almost every person desires to look good and waste many precious hours on appearance…
    When you wear a hijab, you are automatically cutting out that desire that requires you to be perfect to others penetrating judgemental stares”

    So why the fuck is every women on this article wearing a shitton of Make-up?
    That doesnt even make sense

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    This article is a master mental gymnastics product.
    Feminism means the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men. Third wave feminism celebrates sexuality as a means of female empowerment.
    So let’s see the claim that wearing hijab is “in fact (…) probably the strongest feminist symbol currently in society.” We try to look perfect to “others’ penetrating judgmental stares.” And that “the hours we spend on appearance could be spent helping people in need.” Question #1: how many Muslim women help people in need? Many cannot even leave the house without the husband’s approval, or is not permitted to drive a car. Q #2: Putting on make-up, the Muslim woman in the picture has, takes time too. Is that also a waste of time? Q #3: human face causes more judgmental comments than hair. Q #4: why not cutting hair off? Isn’t that more practical and is modest. Without hijab a woman can also be modest.
    This is an honest statement, “you are now being the ambassador of your faith.” Indeed, it is as a flag about being Muslim. It stems from an oppressive religion which considers women men’s property, that it is women’s task to hide themselves to not arouse men. So how is hijab empowering? How do Muslim women celebrating their sexuality by hiding themselves behind the cage-cloak?
    This is pure propaganda, “Since by wearing hijab you are automatically cutting back on that desire to look good, you are now focusing on other aspects of your life, such as your personality, education and your goals.” Many Muslim women wear a lot of make-up – so beauty still matters, plus statistics show that illiteracy is rampant among Muslim women. Beside domestic roles, what books and beliefs shape personality of women in the Muslim world? What other books can they read beside the Quran?
    The statement that “you learn to control yourself and to control your impulses and think rationally, and not let your heart control you.“ Yes, as a philosophy is true it’s good to control ourselves, but it matters what we control, the content of our thinking and of our heart, not the exterior. Jesus warned us to not be as tombs inside ourselves. Muslims are the ones who show their religiousness through external signs instead of focusing on internal aspects. A person can be pious, authentic no matter what it wears.
    Wearing a hijab doesn’t mean that the person is necessarily modest, intelligent, educated, virtuous, it is a show and a façade.
    “Isn’t that empowering? To not value a woman by her face, but by her true self.” Do Muslim men truly value the true self of women? Or they are guided by their sexuality which must be contained by virtuous, and modest Muslim women?
    Last but not the least: if feminism advocates gender equality, why do Muslim women wear hijab and Muslim men not? Why Muslim women in Islamic countries have so few rights, and those who dare to stand up and not wear the veil are oppressed? Why in some cases, Muslim men killed their female relatives (daughter, sister) who didn’t wear the veil ? (Honor killing)
    Muslim women in the West wearing hijab is a sign of internalized oppression, a form of Stockholm syndrome and deep fear to fit in the community. After all, apostasy is punishable by death.
    If such article appears on a feminist website, we are in deep trouble. Feminism has betrayed women! Period

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      See you make valid points but the only responses you are going to get from these people is “Stay mad Drumpftard” or “Lol u mad?”. Its really a shame that the ability to debate, deal factual evidence, or defend their point of view without resorting to name calling or buzzwording is really a shame. I feel bad that your POV will not be debated because this site is filled with the collective hivemind of individuals that have no c9ncept of individual thought.

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    ابنة شرموطة كافرية كلب

    Fůčkíňg dûmb ńïggęř shįť. Nø wôndér Trump won. Süiçídällÿ altruistic.

    Courtesy of /pol/

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    Ok so choosing a hijab is empowering. How do I know who’s choosing it and who’s being forced?

    I’ve knocked on houses and not had the door answered because the women inside were not in their hijabs and so couldn’t talk to a man who wasn’t their husband. They don’t sound too empowered to me.

  16. 11


    What you have just wrote is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever read in my entire life. At no point in your rambling incoherent article were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone who ever read it is now dumber for having read it. I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul

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    hmm I never saw it from this perspective, where can I find a hijab, and to you muslims is it offensive to you if i wear one, if so i will not do it,

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      You can actually find in any major city and if you do live in small town you can buy from online on many places, just google it and you will find it. And no we do not take offence to people wearing the hijab.

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      From this nonsensical perspective, the fool follows the herd. Put yourself in a cloth-cage, that would keep your brain tight.

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    This is soooo true and need to be said more often, alot of people think the hijab is a form of oppression and patriarchy.
    BUT in fact it is actually a statement that you have the power over your own body and no one can stop you!!

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        Wow you right wingers are so peaceful and tolerant, please cry like a spoilt child some more please and show your bigotry nad your true hateful colors
        Stop speaking about things you have no knowledge of, I wear the hijab everyday with my head high and you cant stop me.

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          The “right wingers” stand up for women’s rights, not for feudal style oppression of women. Tell me about the peaceful and tolerance of the left wing. How many anarchist mobs have destroyed property, private enterprises, killed innocent people when they lost politically?

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          You’re probably obese, have dyed hair (red, blue, green etc), think your great, claim you have disorders like ptsd, but the only disorder you have is mental retardation

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      Actually Muslim men have imposed the hijab and the burka on Muslim women, it is no power over your own body. It is internalized oppression. Some people simply do not know the importance of being free, and are afraid of freedom. Because it requires strength and responsibility.


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