League Of Legends Is The Most RACIST Game That Exists


League Of Legends (League Of Racism) is the biggest game in the world where hundreds of thousands of cis males gather and spew hate propaganda, EVERYDAY. The first black character was made 20 YEARS AFTER ITS CREATION! The community encourages racism and sexism, the players even get rewarded for it. This is completely sick and should be stopped.

The portrayal of female characters is a popular topic on the League of Legends official forums. People are very enthusiastic about their opinions of the League’s female champions, most of whom are drawn to emphasize their sex appeal.

Rather than focus on that, though, I’d like to home in on whether the League is an equal-opportunity workplace. Are women fairly represented in all roles, or is there a gender bias? This week, we’ll look at the various roles that can be played in both gametypes and ask the important question: Are men and women fairly represented? The answer is NO, this game is so sexist and racist it should be banned forever.

For example the ONLY black character is a thug who shoots drive bys, walks and shoots the gun sideways and his enemy is a jailer. Just stop with your blatant racism.

Here are some examples of blatant and horrifying sexism in the worlds largest game on earth:

fiora_poolpartyskin images-1 poolparty_wallpaper

And this is just the tip off the iceberg, it goes on and on with objectification accompanied with brutal racism.

This is a call to arms, sexism should be extinguished from this earth and we have to unite and fight the patriarchy until our last breath.

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    The drugs the person must’ve been on to create such post must be, in all honesty, be wiped out completely. The stupidity behind this post is painful. But for whatever reason, I smell sarcasm in this post.

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    i would just like to note that Lucian, the first black champion in league of legends, was not released “20 YEARS AFTER IT’S CREATION” since the game has only existed for 14. He was released on August 22,2013 where as the game only came out 4 years earlier on October 27, 2009. So please at least fact check before writing an over-dramatized statement that is for the sole purpose of skewing a groups view of something. Not to mention that before this was written Ekko, the second black champion added to League of Legends, was released May 28,2015. Yet again another example of false information of this article.

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    So League of Legends is a dangerous anti-women/minority cess pit of hateful bigots. But Islam, which forces women to cover themselves, admit themselves as inferior to men, and to be sex slaves to their husbands, and evem encourages rape of non-muslims, is just fine and is paving the way for feminism. Are these articles written by a 12 year old?

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    Holy SHIT, literally millions of people play and fund this game objectifying women and promoting sexual assault, this is what young people learn. This needs to be shutdown asap!!!!


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