45 Groups To Learn About If You Call Yourself A Feminist


Almost 2.5 million people joined the Women’s March around the globe. Most of the protestors were women marching for women’s equality, many activists from different causes showed up to bring support and solidarity to the feminist cause.

In order to keep the momentum going, it’s integral that those who showed up to the Women’s March ― I’m looking at your newbie activists and first-time marchers (cis, straight, white women especially) ― get involved in other social justice issues. Issues like violence against women, reproductive rights, pay equality and body image are all at the center of the feminist movement (and, if you need to learn more about them ― I urge you to do so).

But, there are so many other social justice issues that make up a large and fundamental part of the intersectional feminist movement.

Black Lives Matter, LGBTQIA issues, climate change, freedom of religion: These issues and the communities they affect are all part of the feminist cause ― and we need to show up for them the way they showed up for the Women’s March.

As we head into the next four years, we all need to remember that the feminist movement is an intersectional one. Black Lives Matter, LGBTQIA rights, immigrant rights, climate change, rights of indigenous people, sex workers’ rights, disability rights, combatting islamophobia and gun violence ― these are all feminist issues.

As one sign read at the Women’s March on Saturday: “I’ll see you nice white ladies at the next #BlackLivesMatter march right?”

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